I have been fascinated by the various timelapse and hyperlapse works created by many talented and inspiring videomakers and artists around the world.

I like to be inspired by other creators work and it often triggers me to explore the process and create something new - that is: "I am absolutely not into copy cat creation! That is pointless from a creation point of view".

i always like to add something new, pushing the boundary, extending reality.

This brings me to the now, where I find myself working on a new concept to raise the bar in Hyperlapse - and i´m pleased with the first results.

This technique combines the classic still photography hyperlapse technique with a motion still photography approach.

I have used the RED Epic Monochrome MX camera for it´s elevated low light sensibilities.

My son Ku was very patient with me, posing on the skateboard for about 2 hours of shooting - great fun!

Here are the first images and video, enjoy and subscribe to the youtube channel to see this process evolve in time.

insight: i think the spacing between individual takes has been to wide (probably 1 m)
Going to try another version with smaller steps and publish to youtube and here.

First overnight render after shooting (first check, rough flow motion)

the time it took:
about 2 hours to shoot
about 3 hours post
about 12 hours to render

the file to find:
ku at kudamm_00001-00330_FULLTIMEFX.mov

the project:
ku damm hyperlapse.aep

Another render with "more time flow" applied

New Hyperlapse concepts using "Motion Still Photography " for maximum creative flexibility to shape the subjects motion over time!