The digital artists bookshelf - reviews and thought

This task will take more time to finish, my personal bookshelf is full of nice stuff

here is a sneak overview, that shall become loose categories and topics of interest, remember, being a digital artist may be a specialist in one discipline ... or being a "complete" artist choosing the tools to express vision at will.

However, these resources will provide a guideline along the way.

the classic tools and books for digital artists include a bunch of photoshop, video editing, motion graphics, graphic design, color theory, composition, photography .... sound design, rythm theory ...
i did build a huge library during the last 20 years and i plan on reviewing the timeless classic works on this pages. it will help you find the fastest way for your digital artist career and education.

It is worth mentioning that Adobe is offering a suite of tools for digital artists, including Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator and a bunch more (less useful) as a subscription service.

this is great news, since it gives you, the budding digital artist access to some of the finest tools on earth at a low monthly fee. before a multi thousand dollar investment in software was needed to get even started.

Good luck exploring, the future is yours!